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When a plane flies in what is called frosting conditions, the wings in particular can be overlaped with white frost and there can even be accumulation of ice on the wing leading edge.

In addition to the increase in mass, this ice deteriorates the wing aerodynamic characteristics :

This is particularly harmful with the aircraft performances   and especially with its safety. It is thus necessary to remove this ice.

For that purpose one places in the wing leading edge  a duct which is blown with hot air and which is bored of a great number of tiny holes.

By these small holes, hot air jets escape from the pipe. These jets come to lick the internal surface of the leading edge; the temperature of this one rises and and very quickly dissolved the ice. The ice is also eliminated under the effect of circulation of air at high speed due to the plane movement.

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Of course this hot air is bled from the engines of the plane using the bleed air system.

This icing phenomenon  can occur on the wings of the plane but also on the engines air intakes. This engines air intakes thus  will be also de-iced by a similar device.

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